The human robot workforce – ARC Training Centre for Collaborative Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing

The human robot workforce

Paula McDonald and Penny Williams lead program 5 within the ARC Training Centre for Collaborative Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing ‘The Human Robot Workforce’. This program researches how cobots may shape the future manufacturing workforce and considers the human outcomes of cobot implementation: with impact around changes to jobs, skills and the diversity of the workforce. The project aims to build the human and technical capability Australia needs to underpin our global competitiveness in advanced manufacturing.

The Centre will unites manufacturing businesses, including SMEs, and universities to develop collaborative robotics applications which combine the strengths of humans and robots in shared work environments. The Centre trains researchers, engineers, technologists and manufacturing leaders with the expertise industry needs to boost safety, quality assurance, production efficiency, and workforce readiness.

Chief Investigators

Paula McDonald
Penny Williams

Other team members

Prof Jonathan Roberts, Prof Peter Corke, Prof Jochen Deuse, Prof XiaoQi Chen, A/Prof Nico Adams, A/Prof Markus Rittenbruch, Prof Robert Fitch, A/Prof Teresa Vidal-Calleja, Dr Jared Donovan, A/Prof Glenda Caldwell, Dr Sean Gallagher, Dr Matthias Guertler, Dr Lee Clemon, Dr Marc Carmichael, Dr Mats Isaksson, Dr Anjali Jaiprakash and Prof Gregory Hearn.