Program release: Decent Work in the 21st Century Research Symposium

Decent Work in the 21st Century program now available.  There’s still time to register for this event!

  • Neil Coe, Professor of Economic Geography, National University of Singapore – Guest presentation, Labour Regimes in Global Production Networks
  • Rick Krever, Professor and leading taxation law and policy expert joins our roundtable event ‘Towards a manifesto for decent work’
  • Ben Neville, Associate Professor of Sustainable Business, University of Melbourne  – Responsible governance for the stakeholder corporation: Co-opting and challenging Corporate Purpose Laws
  • Katherine Ravenswood, Associate Professor of Employment Relations, Auckland University of Technology – Keeping Sisyphus permanently at the top: Rethinking how we assess and value ‘care’
  • Kerrie Sadiq, Professor of Taxation, QUT – International Tax Governance: turning reality into fantasy and pretending it is the real world

We look forward to welcoming you!

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