Penny Williams presents her research to ALGOSH project members in Sweden

ALGOSH group photo

Centre member Associate Professor Penny Williams was in Sweden recently at the invitation of Carin Hakansta of Karolinska Institutet, to present her research and collaborate on a new 6 year international project titled ALGOSH – Algorithmic Management at work – challenges, opportunities and strategies for occupational safety and health and wellbeing.

The project workshops brought together experts in OHS and wellbeing, including Emeritus Professor Michael Quinlan from UNSW, with leading researchers on algorithmic management from across Europe, Canada, the USA, and representatives from the ETUI and the International Labour Organisation as well as Swedish policy advisors and project industry partners.

About Penny Williams

Penny is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Management whose research explores the changing nature of work and the intersections of technology and work.  Her research interests span work in the gig economy, flexible work arrangements, the impact of technology, including AI on work and workers, precarious employment and digital capability/employability skills for university graduates.

Penny is program lead for CDWI’s Work & Employment research program which examines the lived experiences of paid, unpaid and unwaged work, through 3 inter-related themes:  Equality; Mobility; and Technology.

Read more about Penny here.

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