New Fair Food Network for Brisbane/SEQ

Carol Richards has co-founded a new community food network following the “Building A Fairer Food System: Community Symposium” (November 2016). The Symposium was organised by Carol and Dr Kiah Smith (UQ) with support from the HPRG Work/Industry Futures group (SoM) and the Global Change Institute (UQ).  The event was attended by over 80 people, who articulated an appetite for a local, civil society movement to address concerns about a failing food system, particularly the growing problem of food insecurity in Australia, the high volume of food waste and other social and environmental costs. Since the Symposium, and in collaboration with Dr Kiah Smith and Dr Hope Johnson from QUT Law, an initial meeting was held to form a working group to further the group’s agenda for a sustainable food system. The working Group brings together a range of expertise in nutrition, grant writing, marketing, campaigning, community development, law, agrifood systems and social enterprise development – with the group keen to make a strong, positive impact locally.

For further information, contact Carol Richards

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