Media Contacts

Topics: Workplace sexual harassment (prevention, complaints processes, bystanders, perpetrator tactics), unpaid work and internship, digital platform (gig) work, flexible and customised work.

Contact: Professor Paula McDonald
0412 762 150

Topics: Multi-level marketing, unpaid work and internships, recruitment fraud, employment scams, work-integrated learning, educator wellbeing, gender and transport justice.

Contact: Associate Professor Deanna Grant-Smith
07 3138 2491

Topics: Social licence, social impact, food waste, corporate social responsibility/sustainability/ESG.

Contact: Associate Professor Bree Hurst

Topics: Ethical consumerism (boycotts, buycotts), shareholder activism and political investorism, modern slavery and labour exploitation, politics, lobbying and interest groups.

Contact: Associate Professor Erin O’Brien

Topics: Community Engagement (any context) – including community voice/authentic consultation, community engagement around disasters, stakeholder engagement, reputation (corporate) and stakeholder relationships.

Contact: Professor Kim Johnston

Topics: Social and public policies, socioeconomic inequalities, care work and gender in STEMM workplaces

Contact: Dr Diana Leon-Espinoza

Featured Media

Grant-Smith, Deanna (2023). They know all the buttons to press’: Multi-level marketing can damage relationships. The Melbourne Anglican.

Grant-Smith, Deanna (2023).  From Avon ladies to nutrition clubs: How much do you really earn in multi-level marketing? The Sydney Morning Herald.

Cathcart, Abby, Laudon, Melinda, Cunningham, Sam (2022). We have developed a way to screen student feedback to ensure it’s useful, not abusive (and academics don’t have to burn it. The Conversation.

O’Brien, Erin (2023). Seven steps to ‘clean up’ cotton industry. Queensland University of Technology.