Master of Philosophy (MPhil) scholarship opportunity

QUT Gardens Point campus

An opportunity to apply for a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) scholarship is now open for eligible students. The scholarship recipient will receive a living stipend scholarship of $33,637 p.a. for a period of 1.75 years. This payment is indexed annually and will be tax exempt for full-time students.

In addition:

  • domestic students will receive an RTP Tuition Fee Offset
  • international students will receive a QUT Tuition Fee Sponsorship.

About the scholarship

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital technologies are transforming work, workplaces, and managerial practices. Technologies exist to automatically take screenshots from employees’ remote computers, track keystrokes, analyse emails, tone of voice, facial expressions, and monitor the commuting time, heart rates and sleep habits of workers. Beyond surveillance, these technologies are automating decisions once made by human managers. While it is broadly understood that data are collected when technology is used to automate the distribution, management and monitoring of employee tasks, very little is known about the type of data collected, or how organisations use this data.

Penny WilliamsAs part of a broader Australian Research Council (ARC) funded project on automated people management led by Associate Professor Penny Williams (pictured, right), this MPhil project aims to understand the data gathered by these technologies, and how organisations use and protect that employee data. By revealing the specifics of the data gathered and how it is used, this study can inform organisational and government policy to protect employee privacy and improve organisational data security.

More information and how to apply

Apply for this scholarship at the same time you apply for admission to QUT’s Master of Philosophy. Applications close on 31 May 2024. For more information and to apply, visit the QUT website.

Real world research | Associate Professor Penny Williams

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