Indigenous Australian Postdoctoral Research Fellow

QUT’s Centre for Justice (C4J) has been fortunate to receive funding through the Vice Chancellor’s Office for an Indigenous Australian Postdoctoral Research Fellow.  The appointment, a joint appointment between C4J and the Carumba Institute, is a level B academic position for 3 years.

The Indigenous Australians Postdoctoral Research Fellow will carry out research that is focused on Indigenous Australian issues in an area that fits within the broad research programs of the QUT Centre for Justice:

  • Access to Justice: Research across this program investigates access to and experience of justice particularly in relation to vulnerable groups.
  • Technologies of Justice: This program focuses on understanding the intellectual, professional and/or digital technologies that shape the way we think about justice, how we deliver justice and how it is being transformed in the digital age by Artificial Intelligence and associated innovations.
  • Ecologies of Justice: Research in this program investigates the complex arrangements that shape justice through international systems of geopolitics, governance and regulation, flows of people, information, goods and services, space and place, and the wellbeing of the planet.

See the position description here.  Information about how to apply can be found here.


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