HDR Skills Development Day -18th July

Group of students

Join us at The Ship Inn, Southbank, for a tailored HDR Skills Development Day.

Sessions during the day include:

  • How to be a great research assistant Prof Robyn Mayes, Maria Hameed Khan and Alicia Feldman
    This session covers the key aspects of providing research assistance on research projects and larger work programs along with developing a good relationship with your supervisor.
  • Selecting the right journal for publishing your work Prof Paula McDonald
    In a ‘publish or perish’ academic environment, researchers are confronted with significant questions about which journals to target for their work. In this session, Paula McDonald will discuss a range of issues which may help guide such choices. These include quality indicators; ontological, theoretical and methodological traditions; topic ‘fit’; aims and scope statements; submission restrictions; and historical debates. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the characteristics of particular journals on their publishing horizon.
  • Data analysis beyond thematic analysis: Adaptive Theory & Rhizomatic Analysis Dr Rudi Messner & Dr Kylie Kingston
    This panel session explores analytical methods beyond traditional thematic analysis. The panel members will navigate through alternative qualitative analysis approaches used in their own research and how such approaches supported the development of outstanding theses.
  • Writing researcher reflexivity/positionality Dr Christina Malatzky
    This session explores the importance of positionality in qualitative research along with the processes of knowledge-making and transparency in research. This session will assist you in reflecting on your position as a researcher and writing a reflexivity manuscript.

Event details

  • Date: Tuesday, 18th July 2023
  • Time: 9am until 3.30pm
  • Location: The Ship Inn – Siden Street, Southbank.
  • Catering: Tea and coffee on arrival, morning tea, and a networking lunch are provided.
  • Cost: This event is free of charge.
  • RSVP (essential): Before 30th June.


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