Fair Food Symposium

Over 80 members of the public attended this event which was held in November, 2016 at the Brisbane Square Library and hosted by Carol Richards and Dr Kiah Smith (UQ). The symposium featured ‘lightening talks’ by 14 speakers, including small food businesses, NGOs, academics, food activists, nutritionists and a farmer.

Covering a range of topics including access to land for farmers to nutritious food in elder care homes, the speakers whetted the appetite for audience discussion on solutions to current food system problems. Questions raised included: What might an upscaled fair food system look like? What forms of food system governance and action will help overcome food inequalities? The Symposium ended with a strong commitment for participants to reconvene and drill down into food system issues and form a collaborative response to address these from a grass roots perspective. The next meeting is scheduled for 2017.  For further information contact Dr Carol Richards.

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