Ending modern slavery: what climate action has taught us

Dr James Cockayne

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Ending modern slavery: what climate action has taught us

From your mobile phone to your solar panels, from your blueberries to your retirement savings, goods and services we purchase are too often produced and distributed through slavery. Yet, few of us realise it. The UN estimates that there are 50 million people experiencing modern slavery today.

What can we learn from climate action about working together to create the system change required to end modern slavery?

Featuring Australia‚Äôs first Anti-slavery Commissioner, Dr James Cockayne (pictured) and a panel of QUT experts (Associate Professor Erin O’Brien, Professor Rowena Maguire and Associate Professor Bree Hurst) in justice, law and business research.

Event details

Date: Thursday 16 November 2023
Time: 5pm-6.30pm AEST (doors open at 4.45pm)
Location: Gardens Theatre, Gardens Point campus, 2 George Street, Brisbane
Cost: Free
Registration: To attend in-person or online, register now.


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