CDWI Public Lecture Series with Professor Marian Baird, The University of Sydney

Make or Break: Women, work and the social contract with Prof Marian Baird from University of Sydney (Thursday 9th June)

This was a hybrid format event (face to face and webinar). 


The social contract for women and work is in a state of flux, perhaps even broken, and remains so post-COVID and post-election. In this lecture, Marion will canvass the flow of work over Australian women’s life courses and the policy responses, omissions and suggestions for change, at each of the points of greatest inequality.

Prof. Marian BairdAbout Marian Baird

Marian Baird (pictured, right) became Professor of Gender and Employment Relations in 2009, distinguishing her as the first female professor in industrial relations at the University of Sydney. She is a Presiding Pro-Chancellor of the University of Sydney, Head of the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies and Co-Director of the Women, Work and Leadership Research Group in the University of Sydney Business School.


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