ARC Training Centre for Collaborative Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing

CDWI members Professor Paula McDonald and Dr Penny Williams are part of the team of Chief Investigators of the newly created Australian Research Council Training Centre for Collaborative Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing. The Centre aims to build the human and technical capability Australia needs to underpin its global competitiveness in advanced manufacturing. It will unite manufacturing businesses, including SMEs, and universities to develop collaborative robotics applications which combine the strengths of humans and robots in shared work environments. The Centre will train researchers, engineers, technologists and manufacturing leaders with the expertise industry needs to boost safety, quality assurance, production efficiency and workplace readiness. The intended outcome is to support Australian manufacturers to shift toward higher potential markets, compete globally and attract and retain a digitally capable workforce for the future.

Partner Organisations include: Cook Medical Australia Pty Ltd, Infrabuild Trading pty Ltd, Weld Australia, L&A Pressure Welding Pty Ltd, Jobs Queensland Ltd, Klinger Ltd, B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd, and IR4 Pty Ltd.

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