ARC Future Fellow

Huge congratulations to Centre member Professor Kerrie Sadiq, recipient of an ARC Future Fellowship – an award that reflects the Australian Government’s commitment to excellence in research in areas of national and international benefit.

Kerrie’s research ‘International Tax in the Digital Age: A Blueprint for Allocating Profits’ aims to investigate tax avoidance by multinational enterprises in the age of the digital economy. It addresses the difficult problem of determining the location in which profits are made. The project expects to generate new knowledge in international tax by developing a blueprint for allocating profits of multinational enterprises between jurisdictions that aligns with profit making activity and reduces international tax avoidance. A systematic structure for allocating profits of multinational enterprises will address the important problem of tax base erosion caused by profit shifting. This will provide the significant benefit of developing a major tool in securing Australia‚Äôs revenue base in the digital age.

Find out more on the project website or in the QUT media release.

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