War on Waste

Carol Richards was an expert advisor on the ABC TV’s program War on Waste which aired in May 2017 – Carol worked with the ABC presenter Craig Reucassel as well as the executive producer and researchers for the segment on food waste caused by supermarket’s strict cosmetic standards. Earlier research on this topic was conducted with Dr Bree Devin (QUT) and published in The Conversation and Journal of Business Ethics – which meant Carol was able to provide current, evidence based information on the nature and extent of food waste in Australia, which was used extensively in the program.

Also on the topic of food waste, Carol was interviewed by Alex Sampson for the Victorian rural newspaper, the Weekly Times and in the lead up to RenewFest, Carol was interviewed on ABC Lismore on the sustainability of food systems.

After watching War on Waste and reading Carol’s article in the Weekly Times 10 year old Savannah was shocked at the quantity of bananas being wasted in North Queensland and she wanted to do something about it, so she created a petition on Change.org.  You can visit her petition here: Stop Wastage of Imperfect Bananas.

For more information on food wastage, contact Carol Richards c6.richards@qut.edu.au.

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