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Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology), Bachelor of Business (Public Relations with Distinction) (Queensland University of Technology), Bachelor of Business (Honours) (Queensland University of Technology)

Paula is a Senior Lecturer at the QUT Business School and a Senior Research Fellow for the QUT Centre for the Digital Economy. In these roles, Paula is researching deviant behaviour (e.g., non-compliance, fraud, stealing, rule violations) and finding ways to design it out through human, system, or policy interventions, or find ways to encourage positive deviance when it leads to greater economic or social benefits. Her research focuses on providing businesses and policymakers with evidence-based solutions to real world problems. Paula’s extensive research engagement experience saw her obtain a number of awards. In 2019, Paula joined the World Health Organisation Thematic Platform for Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management (Research Network) for her work with the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC. In 2017, Paula was named one of Australia’s Top Thinkers in the 2017 Conversation Yearbook. To date, Paula has brought in approx. $2.5 million in funding and is published in outlets such as the Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Consumer Marketing, UNSW Law Journal, and Advances in Consumer Research. Paula was awarded a PhD from QUT with studies on why everyday consumers engage in deviant consumer behaviour. Paula also holds a Bachelor of Business (Honours) degree, where she was awarded a QUT Medal for academic excellence, and a Bachelor of Business degree from QUT.