Team CDE – Malmi Amadoru

Malmi Amadoru is a PhD Candidate at QUT, supervised by Dr Erwin Fielt and Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz. Her research expertise is in the area of digital innovation, social media, and data science. Currently, she is researching the phenomenon of diffusion of digital innovations. Find out what keeps her excited about her work!

What is your research focus? 

I’d call myself a computational social data scientist. My current focus is on applying AI to understand the impact of social media on the diffusion of digital innovations.

What excites you most about the digital economy?

The level of industry engagement bridging the research expertise of the team and extending the impact of research beyond the academic setting.

Are you an optimist or pessimist about the future?

I am an optimist about the future. I believe everything around us has both good and bad aspects, depending on how we perceive and interact with those. If the world’s greatest worry is technology, technology itself is neither good nor bad, just that how people use it results in good or bad outcomes. In that sense, good or bad is situational and subject to the observer’s paradox. Even if we come across disruptive situations in the future, I believe we can still deal with a positive eye – just like we are responding positively to COVID-19, and things are getting better!

Finish this sentence: In 2050, there will be…

…a massive advancement in the application of robots and AI in areas unthinkable right now, like neuroregeneration.

Malmi presenting her research at ICIS 2018 in San Francisco

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