Digital Transformation with Queensland Government Office of State Revenue

In 2017, the Queensland Government Office of State Revenue (OSR) engaged CDE to transform the processes of revenue collection, as part of the OSR’s $80million digital transformation program.

Research outputs

The engagement involved five process transformation sprints, a methodology where CDE and OSR co-designed new service delivery models and business processes. Implementation roadmaps were provided for the co-created solutions across 20-days, 20-months, 2030 timeframes, noting alignment with other digital transformation program initiatives. The proposed solutions were assessed on  (i) technical feasibility, by working closely with the OSR’s existing technology vendor, (ii) business viability, by cross-referencing ideas with departmental strategy, budgets, policy, and legislation, and (iii) stakeholder desirability, by testing ideas with taxpayers, staff, and other stakeholders involved in the end-to-end process of revenue collection. This highly collaborative approach, coupled with the CDE Disruptive Innovation Leadership Course to uplift staff capability in a digital innovation mindset, provided a cultural foundation to enact this change under the digital transformation program.

Deputy Commissioner, Simon McKee notes that: “In the past, we thought we were subject matter experts. We designed our digital solutions and processes around this and then we trained our staff [and] trained our taxpayers or clients,” he said. “Under the program, we completely flipped that approach… We ran a series of process sprints – five sprints over eight weeks. “We brought in taxpayers, industry, staff to understand what matters to them. Not what they wanted, but what they need. A subtle, but important difference. “We wanted their experience to be the best it could be. We then adjust our digital roadmap and redesign processes through digital ends, always with the client at the center”  (IT News, 2019).

Spin-off Projects

The 3-year partnership with CDE has involved collaboration with over 250 staff, citizens, and experts across six engagements, including innovation and process sprints, workshops, and executive education. Across all the engagements, research and academic inquiry questioned existing norms, reimagined the relationship between the citizen journey and the process of state tax administration, and sought to design-out non-compliance, creating confidence within traditionally complex systems.

“Our trusted partnership with CDE has provided OSR with the foundations (e.g. design thinking, disruptive leadership change, process redesign..), mindset and new insights that have helped us continue to successfully deliver an ambitious Transformation Program. (Simon McKee, 2019)


Cumulatively, the engagement has initiated fundamental changes to State Government revenue services, processes, and regulation. The legacy of these sprints will continue as the State Government “has announced a proposed review of the design of the current royalty regime to address existing uncertainty in the calculation of royalties” (Deloitte Access Economics, 2019, p.12). Further, the Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2019 assented to State Parliament on 17 June, proposes changes to land tax, payroll tax, royalties, and duties. Twenty percent of the clauses in this bill improve how citizens and government communicate and share information with one another, a critical recommendation of the CDE-OSR engagements.

CDE is proud to see the engagement with OSR will lead to ongoing compliant revenue collection to deliver essential services for the State.

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