Lead researcher

Professor Ann Bonner

Our research in this area focuses on:

  • Health literacy, knowledge and self-management practices of people with chronic kidney disease and renal replacement therapies
  • Improving renal healthcare practices
  • End of life care.

Research project examples

  • End of life pathways tracking study for people with chronic kidney disease
  • Evaluating integrated nurse practitioner chronic disease care model
  • Impact of proactive planning for conservative treatment without dialysis in selected patients with advanced kidney disease
  • Depression, anxiety and stress in people receiving haemodialysis


 NHMRC Chronic Kidney Disease Centre for Research Excellence

The NHMRC Chronic Kidney Disease Centre for Research Excellence is the only one of its kind in Australia.

Our mission is to advance knowledge about chronic kidney disease and its management across the health care spectrum, in order to improve patient outcomes.

NHMRC CKD.CRE Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Louise Purtell

Current Research Higher Degree Supervision

Name Qual Thesis Title
Hajar Alasmari PhD Examining intensive care nurses’ clinical decision-making associated with acute kidney injury and continuous renal replacement therapy
Kathryn Havas PhD Comparison of a brief and an in-depth intervention to support self-management in people with chronic kidney disease
Nguyet Thi Nguyen PhD Self-management of people with early stages of chronic kidney disease in Hanoi, Vietnam
Van Hoang Lan PhD Relationship between health care supports, social supports and patient outcomes among haemodialysis population in Vietnam
Harith Yapa PhD Perceived palliative care needs of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKDu) in Sri Lanka
Haunnah Rheault DHlthSc Health literacy and chronic disease self-management in Indigenous Australians.
Molly Milazi DHlthSc Nurse-led teach back intervention to improve people with End Stage Kidney Disease adherence with phosphate control
Colette Wembenyui MAppSc Self-management in people with chronic kidney disease
David McIntyre MAppSc Haemodialysis nurse sensitive indicators
Bryan Gregory MAppSc The effects of continuous renal replacement therapy and sustained low-efficiency dialysis on immune-suppressive drug levels in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury.
Pauline Nicholas MAppSc Using brain training to improve cognition of patients on dialysis