Renewable power generation

Program mission

Solar energy is key to the transition towards a low carbon emission economy worldwide, and in the fight against climate change. Australia is among the world’s sunniest countries and Queensland is a world leader in rooftop photovoltaic installations.  

Our program researches and develops innovative technology in solar energy generation to deliver cost-effective renewable electricity, including:  

  • Third generation photovoltaic cell technologies 
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Upscaling fabrication and solution-processing of next-generation solar cells
  • Characterisation and diagnostics of photovoltaic cells and modules 
  • Integrated photovoltaic-energy storage devices 
  • Device modelling

Solar thermal is the conversion of solar radiation to heat and its subsequent use in a variety of applications. Our research aims to support the successful deployment of solar thermal in a variety of industrial applications and reduce the risk for future investment. QUT is a leader in high temperature material selection for the unique conditions this technology presents.

Our research investigates high-temperature and low-temperate solar thermal applications, and the techno-economics of solar thermal integration to process plants:

High-temperature solar thermal 

  • Conversion to electricity 
  • Asset management
  • Materials compatibility
  • Design and materials selection
  • Process heat 

Low-temperature solar thermal

  • Food drying 
  • Process heat 

Our researchers collaborate closely with other CCETP research programs, industry and the broader research community.

Program team