Power electronics and e-grid

Program mission

Power electronics is a key enabling technology in the transition towards the renewable-based energy systems. Not only are most of the loads behind power electronics converters, but most of the new renewable-based generation (e.g. PV, wind) and energy storage (e.g. batteries, hydrogen)  is interfacing the electricity network via power electronic converters. At the same time, power electronics plays a key role also in the electrification of transportation. 

The mission of the program is to carry out cutting edge research in: 

  • Power electronic (PE) systems for grid integration of renewables 
  • PE for battery energy storage systems 
  • PE for electric vehicles, as well as grid-interactive chargers 
  • PE for green hydrogen generation and hydrogen-based energy storage 
  • PE in power systems 

The program works in close cooperation with the other CCETP research programs, industry as well as the broader research community.  

Program team