Mitigating the risks of cyberattacks on cyber-physical power systems


Cyber threats are a pertinent issue facing power systems as part of national critical infrastructure. This project will develop a systematic theory to capture the dynamic risk propagation of cyberattacks on cyber-physical power systems. Focusing on the physical domain of cyber-physical power systems, the theory includes offline risk modelling with consideration of attack intentions for risk propagation of cyberattacks, an online risk assessment method to quantify the risk propagation of cyberattacks and,  resilient control strategies to mitigate cyberattack risks.


The outcomes will not only advance knowledge in cyber-physical security but also facilitate an accelerated adoption of the increasing renewable energy sources into the power grid.


Amount: $490,000 AUD (ARC DP)

Partners: Australian Research Council


Other Team Members

Professor Yu-Chan Tian and Associate Professor Fuwen Yan