Measuring the performance of HTS materials for future naval propulsion


QUT has previously undertaken a Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF) supported research project entitled “Deeper insights into HTS materials for future naval propulsion” which aimed to research and characterise fundamental properties of selected high temperature superconducting (HTS) materials and their behaviour in magnetic fields at different orientations.

This next research project builds on the results to date by progressing the computer model of the behaviour of vortices in HTS materials started in the previous program, with input from the vortex imaging technologies already identified. Insights from the magnetic vortex behaviour combined with related extensions to the HTS material model will provide HTS motor and power equipment designers with the required electromagnetic and cryogenic conditions for reliable motor operation.

In a parallel linked research program supported by the US Navy, QUT is developing measurement tools and techniques that are applicable to long lengths, up to 600 metres, of commercial HTS tape.

The outcomes from both Parts 1 and 2 will both support the on-going HTS software model development and contribute to the testing facility developed under the US Navy program.


The overall project aim is to investigate and characterise the performance of selected HTS commercial tapes, gaining a more complete knowledge of the link between nano- and micro-magnetic vortex behaviour of various HTS materials, and their macro performance in technologically significant magnetic fields. This knowledge leads directly to supporting the Navy and Defence generally in its assessment of the suitability of HTS technologies.


Amount: AUD$200,000

Duration: 2 years

Partners: The Commonwealth of Australia represented by the Department of Defence