Healthcare Living Laboratories: Sector-wide engagement and impact (LLLH1)

Project dates: 2019 - Ongoing

This project will quantify sector energy consumption and identify the potential for integrated HVACR and renewable energy solutions in healthcare.

The energy intensity of hospitals and aged care facilities is attributed to their 24-7 operation, the use of energy-intensive equipment, the need for infection and temperature control, and the frequent inclusion of onsite kitchen and laundry services. Improving energy productivity and developing appropriate sector-wide key performance measures is challenging because of differences in clinical services, patient activity and floor space use. There is a need for more nuanced key performance indicators that take into account opportunities for integrated solutions that address energy consumption (kWh), demand (kW), seasonal and diurnal load profiles, demand response capabilities and HVAC/renewable energy/storage integration.

This project will directly address these challenges by engaging the healthcare, building services and HVACR sectors in the collaborative development of:

  • the framework under which the Healthcare Living Labs will be established and operated;
  • analysis of baseline performance data across the industry;
  • development of new key performance indicators and metrics;
  • extrapolation of technology evaluations for sector wide impact; and
  • dissemination of project knowledge.

Funding / Grants

  • ARENA, iHUB member organisations and industry. Budget: $480,570.

Chief Investigators


Other Team Members

Dr Aaron Liu Dr Sherif Zedan Dr Yunlong Ma Dr Talara Berry Dr Nima Izadyar


Other Partners

The University of Wollongong