Future Energy Exports CRC – Theme Four: Market and sector development

FEnEX-CRC Theme 4: Market and Sector Development

The Future Energy Exports Cooperative Research Centre (FEnEX CRC) was established in 2020 and aims to execute cutting-edge, industry-led research, education and training to help secure Australia’s future as a leading global energy exporter. The Market and Sector Development research theme is co-led by QUT researchers Professor Amisha Mehta and Professor Cameron Newton. Focusing on liquified natural gas and blue and green hydrogen energy exports, Theme Four has been designed to identify and leverage the factors that drive market growth, and understand and counteract the barriers that can stifle the development of supply chains and inhibit technology adoption.


Report: Mapping of Key Stakeholders in Hydrogen and LNG Supply Chains

This report synthesises existing documents and practices, and adds new primary evidence to consolidate the key barriers and drivers across macro‐environmental categories in Australia’s existing LNG and emerging hydrogen export industries. An analysis of how the barriers and drivers identified are likely to impact the key stakeholder groups in each industry’s supply chains is presented, which highlights areas of congruence and key gaps. This analysis can guide ongoing and new areas of collaborative research to enable dual LNG and hydrogen energy export markets. To support the future research needed, an additional file has been attached to this report which identifies a selection of specific organisations under each stakeholder group in the LNG, blue and green hydrogen supply chains.

Read the report here: https://www.fenex.org.au/report/mapping-of-key-stakeholders-in-hydrogen-lng-supply-chains/

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  • Commonwealth of Australia in partnership with industry, state government and university contributors

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Dr Ellen Tyquin


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The FEnEx CRC brings together industry partners from across the entire supply chain, enabling innovative research universities and international participants to collaborate on the development of a sustainable energy export industry. A full list of the CRC partners and contributors can be found on the FEnEx CRC website.