Dr Shahrzad Seyed Mohammad Shahi

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PhD Metal-hydride Storage System Design (Griffith University)

Dr Shahrzad S. M. Shahi has her bachelor and master’s degree in chemical engineering and has more than seven years of experience in troubleshooting and deliver on functional improvement projects in oil and gas sector. Then, she completed her PhD in 2017 in metal-hydrogen tank design models for renewable energy storage applications in which she used mathematical and analytical modelling techniques by both MATLAB and commercial package of CFD modelling. To apply and develop her skills in other types of energy storage mainly batteries, she has joined the Queensland University of Technology as a research fellow for the project of “cost-effective renewable hydrogen through Materials, Modelling and Process Innovation”. Her main responsibilities are to be involved in analytical modelling, data processing and optimisation of a hybrid energy system comprising different types of batteries as well as to collaborate with the battery team of the QUT in design and implementation of an optimised Li-ion battery pack for the system.