Dr Kabir Adewale Suara

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PhD (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Kabir Suara is a mechanical engineer with diverse research interest, but mostly focus on providing engineering solutions to range of problems in the environment. His disciplines of expertise are Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, which are commonly referred to as Thermofluids because of their close relationship in many Engineering applications. He works on laboratory, industrial and geophysical flows particularly, estuaries, rivers/catchments and near-shore coastal areas. He combines experimental and numerical approaches. An innovative contribution of his work is the development and introduction of moving based-Lagrangian approach to studying flow measurements in the shallow estuarine and riverine environments. This perspective creates a new scheme for monitoring and management of these highly dynamic and spatiotemporally varying environments. His current research focuses on bridging the gap between observations and numerical modeling of fluid flow phenomenon in the environment and developing approaches that allows robust numerical modelling and predictions in sensitive environmental applications. His research expertise include: • Environmental fluid mechanics • Lagrangian dynamics • Numerical modelling of fluid flows • Turbulence mixing and dispersion • Instrumentation and control • Combustion emission

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