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Program Lead - Green fuels / Energy efficiency and recovery

Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Chemistry (University of Otago), BSc(Hons) (University of Canterbury)

Jonathan Love is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry and Physics and participant in the ARENA funded H2Xport Project in the Centre of Clean Energy Technology and Practices,  Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Jonathan joined QUT in late 2018 after 25 years RD&D experience with solid oxide fuel cells in the start-up and consultancy industry. He has recently become a Subject Matter expert in a voluntary capacity in the Fuel Cells Working Group (WG6) in Standards Australia Committee in Hydrogen Technology (ME093).

The main focus of his research is in the field of renewable and clean energy technology with a current focus in the design, fabrication, and operation of low cost and efficient electrolysers that are integrated with multiple renewable energy technologies on smart hybrid AC and DC microgrids at lab scale (up to 500W) and at pilot plant scale (from 60 kW) including, solar, batteries, electrolysers and fuel cells integrated with water treatment plants. Jonathan has a specialist research interest in solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysers and the material characteristics from raw material, through manufactured processes to being integrated in products operating at high efficiency in real world applications based on 25 years industry start-up and consultancy research leadership in the SOFC field.

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Jonathan has significant real world engagement with 25 years industrial start-up and international consultancy experience; managing and operating a combined fuel cell and stack manufacturing pilot plant and fuel cell testing facility; transfer of laboratory research outcomes to pilot plant activities; establishing a global materials supply chain for high quality materials; and transfer of real world RD&D outcomes to large scale international manufacturing industry. Jonathan Love was the Principal Scientist and Senior Manager at CFCL that successfully delivered RD&D outcomes from a budget of about $4M/annum involving simultaneous engineering activities in: materials research; technology, engineering and product development; manufacturing engineering development; manufacturing and testing pilot plant operation; and transfer of technology to international high volume contract manufacturers. As Principal Scientist and Senior Manager he provided leadership to multiple teams of up to 30 scientists and engineers (materials, chemical, mechanical, mechatronics, manufacturing and process engineers) that delivered a world leading achievement in a new SOFC technology. He has a significant track record in industry engagement with national and international solid oxide fuel cell and materials industry in China, England, Germany, USA and Japan and has been engaged as a consultant to multibillion dollar international manufacturing companies.

Jonathan has several patents and peer reviewed publications in fuel cells and materials from industry including lead author of the first reports in 2009 of world record electrical efficiency of more than 60% AC net to grid for small scale distributed gas to power systems. He was research leader of a team that achieved real world RD&D outcomes from transferring lab scale and pilot scale research to worldwide commercial deployment of residential solid oxide fuel cell products including technology transfer to large scale manufacturing industry that was internationally recognised through multiple company international awards and he was co-recipient of the Australasian Industrial Research Group (AIRG) Medal for Australasian SME Technological Innovation in 2012 with key members of the BlueGen™ Development Team at CFCL. His RD&D outcomes continue as embedded technology within commercial SOFC systems being deployed globally today.