Dulmini Karunathilake

PhD Student - Health Conscious Optimal Control of Lithium Ion Batteries

Principal Supervisor: Prof Mahinda Vilathgamuwa

Associate Supervisor: A/Prof Paul Corry, Prof Troy Farrell and A/Prof Yateendra Mishra

PhD Overview

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) can be used as a carbon-free source which integrates highly intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to power systems so generated assets can be used effectively. Lithium-ion batteries are ideal for use in BESS for the integration of renewables as they can cope effectively with short-term and long-term variabilities of solar and wind resources among many other advantages. A degradation-conscious physics-based Equivalent Circuit Model is used as the fundamental block which models the internal physics of the lithium-ion cell mathematically, while ensuring less computational effort and easy implementation using passive elements. An advanced battery management system is to be developed which performs cell parameter identification, individual control and monitoring of cells using modular multilevel series-parallel configuration to achieve a health-conscious optimal control that increases energy transfer efficiency, utilisation of battery capacity and battery life, while minimising battery degradation and computational cost for a BESS.