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Doctor of Philosophy (National University of Singapore)

During 1999 to 2003 Dongchen Qi studied physics in Peking University for his undergraduate education before he moved to Singapore. After receiving his PhD degree in surface science from the National University of Singapore in 2009, he spent another two years as a research fellow at the same institute. In 2012, he joined the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (IMRE) as a staff scientist working on organic electronic devices. He took up a faculty position as a lecturer in physics at La Trobe University in 2013. In 2017, Dr. Qi was awarded the prestigious ARC Future Fellowship to develop high-performance diamond surface electronics and quantum devices. In 2018, He joined the Queensland University of Technology as a Senior Lecturer and was subsequently promoted to Associate Professor in 2020. Dongchen's research interests lie in the area of experimental condensed matter physics and material physics, focusing on creating, understanding, and controlling at nanoscale the surfaces and interfaces of functional materials to develop new technologies and material platforms for the next-generation devices. He is particularly interested in using advanced synchrotron light to examine important interface phenomena and physics essential to enable electronic devices based on emerging materials including diamond and organic semiconductors. Dongchen has published more than 110 articles in internationally refereed journals including Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Materials, Physical Review Letters, Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Advanced Materials, with an H-index of 33 (Google Scholar).


  • ARC Future Fellowship ($666,424), 2017-2021.
  • La Trobe University Special Travel Award, 2016, Australia
  • La Trobe University Publication Awards, 2014-2017, Australia
  • Valedictorian of Faculty of Science in 2010 NUS Commencement Ceremony, National University of Singapore, 2010, Singapore
  • Surface Science Top Cited Article 2005-2010, Elsevier
  • Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Student Abroad, 2008, Singapore
  • Best Student Oral Presentation Award, European Diamond 2007 Conference, Berlin, Germany
  • Best Graduate Researcher Award, National University of Singapore, 2007, Singapore
  • NUS President’s Graduate Fellowship, National University of Singapore, 2007, Singapore

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QUT Surface Science and 2D Materials Research Group

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Broad Area of Research: Condensed Matter Physics; Surface Science; Physics of Semiconductors; Synchrotron Science

Main Research Areas:
(1) Surface Transfer Doping of Semiconductors

  • Solid-state Surface Transfer Doping of Diamond and its Device Applications
  • Diamond Surface Electronics and Low-dimensional Transport
  • Surface Transfer Doping of 2D Materials

(2) Electronic Processes at Organic-Substrate Interfaces

  • Molecular-scale Interface Engineering for Molecular, Organic and 2D Electronics
  • Excitons in Molecular Solids
  • Ultrafast Charge Transfer Dynamics by Core-hole Clock Spectroscopy

(3) Organic Electronics and Molecular Electronics

  • Interface Engineering for OPVCs and OFETs
  • Synchrotron Characterisation of SAMs

(4) Interface Engineering of Oxide Materials

  • Diluted Magnetic Oxide and Oxide spintronics
  • Synchrotron Characterisation of Metal Oxide Electrocatalysts
  • Engineering New Magnetic and Electronic Phases in Oxide Heterostructures
Recipient of a Nationally Competitive Research Fellowship
Reference year
ARC Future Fellowship 2017-2021 (FT160100207), $653,385: D.-C. Qi, Enabling diamond nanoelectronics with metal oxide induced surface doping.The ARC Future Fellowship recognizes outstanding mid-career researchers in areas of critical national importance.
Appointment to Prestigious Positions
Reference year
I was appointed as an Associate Investigator in the ARC CoE FLEET. As the only QUT member, my role helps to build a QUT presence in this highly successful CoE, and provides a direct link with the research community in low-dimensional materials and devices
Keynote Speaker/Expert Panel Member/Invited Speaker for a Conference
Reference year
Keynote Speaker: International Conference on Nanomaterial. & Atomaterial Sciences and Applications 2020 (ICNASA 2020), 31 Jan - 03 Feb 2020, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
Committee Role/Editor or Chair of an Academic Conference
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I Served on the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) of the Soft X-ray Spectroscopy Beamline of the Australian Synchrotron during 2016-2019. My role as a PAC member included reviewing beamtime proposals, monitoring the experimental program and utilisation of the facility, and making recommendations for the future development of the beamline
Recipient of a Nationally Competitive Research Fellowship
Reference year
ARC Discovery Project 2015-17 (DP150101673), $266,300: C.I. Pakes, L. Ley, J.C. McCallum, D.-C. Qi, Surface doping of diamond: A new platform for 2D carbon-based spintronics
Enabling Diamond Nanoelectronics with Metal Oxide Induced Surface Doping
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CAT 1 - Australian Competitive Grant
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