Through a child's eyes: The visual processes involved in literacy and numeracy tasks and the influence of vision impairment

This project is investigating children’s visual processing and the impact of vision difficulties on early learning and achievement. Vision difficulties could include lack of appropriate spectacles or eye coordination disorders. Eye tracking provides a unique opportunity to explore functional vision processing characteristics that relate to classroom learning.

This project investigates children’s visual processing and the impact of vision impairments on early learning in classroom contexts. This is an important area of research which has been limited to date by available technology. Innovations in eye tracking technology provide opportunities to explore these characteristics in classrooms. This project will develop visual processing and vision impairment profiles of Year 3 children undertaking literacy and numeracy tasks. Eye tracking data will determine whether visual processing difficulties are perceptual (recognition and discrimination of information) or more complex (organisation and integration of information). Findings will inform intervention initiatives in education and optometry.

Team Members

  • Dr Sonia White
  • Professor Joanne Wood
  • Dr Alex Black
  • Dr Shelley Hopkins

Funding / Grants

  • Ian Potter Foundation $40,000