Investigating mobile technologies in young children’s everyday worlds

Project Summary

The project aimed to investigate:

  1. The extent to which preschool-aged children engaged in web searching as part of their everyday experiences of home and school
  2. The children’s web-search contexts, pathways and practices of web searching
  3. The interactional features of preschool-aged children’s web searching with siblings, peers and adults (teachers and parents)
  4. The explanations that child and adult participants provided of their engagement during web searching

Funding / Grants

  • ARC Discovery Grant $488,876


Other Team Members

Professor Karen Thorpe, QUT Professor Amanda Spink Dr Christina Davidson, Charles Sturt University Also: Dr Sandra Grant – Project Manager, PhD candidate Dr Charlotte Cobb-Moore – Research Assistant Dr Sandy Houen – Research Assistant/Co-Project Manager, PhD candidate Ms Pip Linton – Research Assistant Ms Amanda Levido – Research Assistant Dr Amanda McFadden – Research Assistant Ms Irene McCarthy – Research Assistant Dr Helen Breathnach – Research Assistant Dr Brooke Scriven – Research Assistant, PhD candidate Ms Michaela Northard – Research Assistant Ms Filzah Ziki, Research Assistant, M.Ed candidate Dr Maryanne Theobald  - ECR Dr Stuart Ekberg - ECR


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