Early childhood teachers go to work: Where do they work and why?

There is significant mismatch between early childhood graduate teacher employment destinations (and aspirations) and Government policy imperatives, with the majority of early childhood graduates appearing to preference teaching in primary school. The proposed transdisciplinary study will explore this mismatch between early childhood graduate teachers’ employment destinations and government policy through an Australia-first longitudinal data set and strong alliances with National partner organisations. The research findings will inform future workforce policies and teacher education approaches aimed at addressing the growing need for degree-qualified teachers in prior-to-school settings.


  • Dr Megan Gibson, Faculty of Education, QUT
  • Dr Lyn Zollo, Faculty of Education, QUT
  • Dr Abigail Winter, Reporting and Analysis, Division of Finance and Resource Planning, QUT


  • Professor Frances Press, School of Teacher Education, Charles Sturt University

If you are interested in partnering in this project please contact Dr Megan Gibson.

Project summary


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  • Gibson, Megan (2015) “Heroic victims”: Discursive constructions of preservice early childhood teacher professional identities Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 36 (2), pp.142-155.