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If you are interested in researching a related topic, why not join our team of Higher Degree Research students and enroll in a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil), Doctor of Education (EdD) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs at QUT.

Children grow and learn across multiple sites and in a wide range of historical, contemporary and future contexts. The Childhoods in Changing Contexts Research Group is an exciting collective of transdisciplinary early years researchers generating new knowledge about children and their childhoods. Our research addresses societal and educational factors and contexts that shape childhoods today. We are looking for aspiring education researchers who are passionate about solving problems and finding real world solutions to apply through the QUT Annual Scholarship Round.

Be supervised by our world-leading researchers who are critically investigating young children’s rights and citizenship; cultural and multilingual contexts and childhoods; evaluation of early childhood, school-based, or parenting interventions, programs, policies, practices, and initiatives; and the early childhood education and care workforce. You’ll be part of an exciting research culture with regular seminars and workshops. The Childhoods in Changing Contexts Research Group are looking for research students interested in the following topics:

Children as active citizens

  • Learning for active citizenship, sustainability, and social justice
  • The arts in children’s learning and wellbeing
  • Parenting and parent involvement in early childhood
  • Early childhood social emotional development and learning

Children in cultural and multilingual contexts

  • Cultural and multilingual contexts and childhoods
  • Communication / interaction in early childhood contexts
  • Cultural and intercultural competence in early childhood education and care
  • Children engaging with digital technologies in home/school/community contexts
  • Digital technologies and play and learning
  • Technology innovation in the early years
  • Digital Gaming in the early years
  • Digital technologies and curriculum and pedagogy in the early years
  • Social interactions around digital technologies
  • Racism, Whiteness, Reconciliation

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) workforce

  • Teaching and learning in rural contexts
  • Early childhood education and care workforce and the work of early childhood teachers
  • Early childhood policy and teachers’ work


  • Transition to school
  • Design and evaluation of early childhood, school-based or parenting interventions, programs, policies, practices, and initiatives
  • Rhythm and movement for self-regulation

The PhD topics above have been developed to align with current and emerging areas of interest among CCC members. These topics are suggestions and you can adapt them to fit your specific interest or develop another topic relating to your own experiences and concerns.

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