About us

We are an exciting collective of transdisciplinary early years researchers addressing societal and educational factors and contexts that shape childhoods today.

Our research within the early years is undertaken within the following research strands:  

Children as active citizens

Children are active participants in their everyday worlds, and across a range of social and educational contexts. Researchers in this strand are interested in diverse approaches that explore the possibilities for children to enact their citizenship in changing local and global contexts. Topics include children’s rights, sustainability, health, wellbeing and the Arts.

Children in cultural and multilingual contexts

Australian communities increasingly are becoming culturally and linguistically diverse, providing exciting opportunities to investigate the experiences and views of children. Researchers in this strand are interested in investigating the competence of children and people within educational and community settings marked by diversity. These studies have application for teaching and learning, and for conducting transdisciplinary work in educational settings and community contexts.

Early childhood education and care workforce

Preparing and sustaining a strong early childhood education and care workforce is of national and international concern. The provision of high quality early childhood education and care programs is dependent on high quality early childhood educators, who are suitably prepared and appropriately sustained. Researchers in this strand are interested in the role of leadership in the early childhood education and care workforce. This focus includes pedagogical leadership, the role of initial teacher education, and trajectories and career pathways for the early childhood workforce.


Evaluation is an important strand of research that enables us to examine ‘what works’, or what works better, for whom, and under what circumstances. Researchers in this strand work collaboratively with providers to design and conduct evaluations at multiple levels and time points in program delivery. Evaluation findings about barriers and enablers to program implementation, and outcome data related to the desired goals of the program, help support program improvement and evidence-based decision making.

Our research strands are evolving in response to emerging opportunities and challenges. We have a strong partnerships with government and non-government agencies locally, nationally, and globally. We develop innovative solutions in a changing world through working across disciplines and industries (for example, health, law, creative industries, and STEM).