Tissue Engineering and Biosensing

Engineered human tissues and biosensors to mimic and measure human organ functions

We aim to redefine our understanding and measurement of human organ functions, with transformative applications in regenerative medicine and advanced in vitro models

Our research focuses on:

Regenerative Medicine
Advanced biofabrication and biomaterials to create cell and tissue products to accelerate natural healing processes

In-vitro Drug Testing Models
Organs-on-chip technology to create human avatars that can accurately predict complex drug responses as an alternative to animal testing.

Organic electronic sensors to detect and quantify analytes that serve as key indicators of cellular and tissue functions, offering a new frontier in biosensing technology.

Our people


We aim to deliver better health in our lifetime, by improving how we treat complex medical cases stemming from injuries, infection and age-related issues.

Research impact

Abstract artwork for a human avatar

Human Avatars – a sustainable alternative to drug testing on animals. Find out more.

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Researcher showcase

60 seconds with Dr Nathalie Bock:

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