Stem cells and tissue engineering

Our work centres on the exciting opportunities at the intersection of cell and gene therapies. We’re finding ways to regenerate damaged or dysfunctional tissue, repair cartilage defects, treat diabetic foot ulcers and fight cancer.

Our research focuses on developing effective therapies using three key technology streams:

Cell-based approaches

We are optimising therapy solutions that use stem cell and primary cell populations to repair tissues such as skin, bone and cartilage.

Biomaterial approaches

We are developing 3D printing, additive manufacturing and hydrogel technologies to create scaffolds that support tissue repair, medical devices and high-resolution cultures designed to examine cell-to-cell interactions or screen drugs.

Cell and gene therapy

We are developing or applying gene editing technologies to increase the potency of cell therapies and coupling these technologies with recognised cell stem therapies.

Program Leader

Program Co-Leader

  • Dr Indira Prasadam

    Senior Research Fellow, School of Mechanical, Medical & Process Engineering and Program Co-Leader: Stem cells and tissue engineering

Our people

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We aim to deliver better health in our lifetime, by improving how we treat complex medical cases stemming from injuries, infection and age-related issues.

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