Dr Victoria Camilieri-Asch

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Mechanical, Medical & Process Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy (University of Western Aust.)


Fish biologist specialised in the biological adaptations, sensory ecology and behaviour of cartilaginous fish (Chondrichthyes). Current research focusing on the skeletal system of deep-sea chondrichthyans.


At QUT, Victoria is working on several projects related to bio-mechanical adaptations of in different skeletal structures in species from various depth environments. She is investigating their compositional, structural and biophysical properties, to better understand natural adaptations existing in cartilaginous tissues prior to exploring potential biomimetic designs with subsequent biomedical applications in cartilage tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in the future. This work is part of the newly funded Max Planck Queensland Centre (MPQC) for the Materials Science of Extracellular Matrices, a joint initiative of the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science, between the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPICI) and the Queensland University of Technology (https://www.qut.edu.au/news?id=179968)


Despite her current 'research-only' position at QUT, Victoria is always interested in remote, virtual or field teaching opportunities, where she can share her knowledge or contribute to specific workshops in her fields of expertise. She is also committed to education and outreach outside of the university, via citizen science projects and volunteering activities she is a part of on her free-time.


With a background in veterinary science from Europe, Victoria completed her tertiary education in marine biology in Australia (BSc and Honours from the University of Queensland; PhD from The University of Western Australia). Her research has focused on the sensory and behavioural ecology of elasmobranchs the last 10 years. Victoria works towards better understanding the sensory basis of behaviour and other ecological adaptations in these fishes, to improve future conservation and management strategies. She is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Transformative Biomimetics in Bioengineering of the Queensland University of Technology, exploring key bio-mechanical adaptations in chondrichthyan species from different depth environments, and co-runs the shark research program at Lord Howe Island, in New South Wales (Australia). Victoria is involved in other research projects linked to environmental monitoring and remote sensing, wildlife conservation, and animal welfare. Her primary research interests are in ethology, ecology, and evolution, in light of conservation and sustainable wildlife-human interactions.

Current affiliations and services

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology
  • Adjunct Research Fellow, The University of Western Australia Oceans Institute
  • Honorary Research Associate, Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS), IMOS
  • Review Editor, Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution – Behavioral & Evolutionary Ecology
  • Consultant, Aquaculture Stewardship Council – Fish Welfare Technical Working Group
  • Secretary, Oceania Chondrichthyan Society (OCS)