Prof Davide Fontanarosa

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Scientific and Translational Lead and Professor, School of Clinical Sciences

PhD (Maastricht University)

Davide Fontanarosa was awarded his PhD in Medical Physics from the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands) with a thesis on: “Evaluation of speed of sound aberration and correction for ultrasound guided radiation therapy”.

Presently, he works as Professor in the School of Clinical Sciences. Previously he worked as Senior Scientist at Maastro Clinic (Maastricht, the Netherlands) and at Philips Research (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

His major fields of research are: artificial intelligence for automatic interpretation of ultrasound imaging; image guidance in radiotherapy; minimally invasive surgery and orthopaedics (in particular using quantitative ultrasound imaging); advanced radiotherapy treatment planning and adaptation strategies.

Professor Fontanarosa is currently supervising eighteen PhD students and he is accepting applications from new prospective students; he is the Unit coordinator for the Honours students in five different disciplines cross faculty and he teaches Physics of Ultrasound in the Physics of Medical Imaging Unit. He is the inventor of 11 patents, and authored 140+ peer reviewed publications, one book and 6 book chapters.