Medical device design and manufacturing

Our program applies a wide range of cutting-edge approaches and technologies to design and evaluate patient-specific medical implants and instruments for personalised treatment methods.

Our key areas of research focus include:

  • Using computer modelling and simulation to develop tools for pre-surgical planning and decision-making, surgical training, post-surgical assessment and implant success evaluation.
  • Applying polymer chemistry, physics and 3D printing technology to develop tailored implants that encourage the healing and regeneration of damaged tissues.
  • Taking inspiration from nature and using advanced nanotechnology to create implant surfaces with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties to reduce the risk of infection.

Our people

Meet the Medical Device Design and Manufacturing program team.

We aim to deliver better health in our lifetime, by improving how we treat complex medical cases stemming from injuries, infection and age-related issues.

Researcher impact

Cardiovascular innovations to reduce deaths linked to strokes and heart attacks. Find out more.

Researcher showcase

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