Talks and awards at the October Lunch Club

At our October event, Associate Professor Laura Bray shared how she found her research niche. Dr  Maxence Lavaill talked about Computational musculoskeletal modelling of the shoulder joint and PhD Candidate Luke Schmith shared his research on Exercise Physiology to Multi-Omics Research: Learnings About Interdisciplinary Practice and Research.

We also congratulate PhD Candidates, Buddhiu Herath and Jacqueline Roots on receiving the CBT Outstanding HDR Awards for September and October 2023.

The CBT Lunch Club offers our HDR students and early career researchers an opportunity to network with like-minded, give practice talks and be inspired by external presenters. The sessions are arranged by Dr Jacqui McGovern and Dr Nathalie Bock, CBT Internal Engagement Leads.

Contact us if you have questions or would like to come as a guest speaker:

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