Herston Imaging Research Facility (HIRF)

Herston Imaging Research Facility (HIRF) is a purpose-built imaging research facility and the first in Australia to be devoted entirely to clinical research.

QUT is a major partner, giving our CBT researchers access to the latest human imaging technology like advanced MRI, simultaneous PET/MR and simultaneous PET/CT and CT only. HIRF also supplies technical advice and ethics support for your imaging needs. This imaging technology can be used to answer a variety of research questions, such as medical device development, the biomechanical properties of the body, healing and response to therapy, and measure brain activity during a cognitive challenge.

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Enjoy this virtual walk-through of the HIRF research unit:

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To find out more, visit the HIRF website or contact Professor Katie MacMahon.

  • Prof Katie McMahon

    Summary:  Prof McMahon is the Deputy Director of Herston Imaging Research Facility, and Academic Lead Research for the School of Clinical Sciences. She has over 25 years' experience in biomedical imaging and imaging analysis.Research: Her research interests lie in understanding the neurobiology of language, learning and memory, and the genetic and...

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