CBT Conference 2023

Snapshots from our Conference Days 8-10 November 2023

The conference opened on Wednesday afternoon with our Poster Display at The Cube and a networking event with Bionics Gamechangers. The following 2 days offered an exciting lineup of external and internal scientific presentations, an industry panel discussion, E/MCR presentations, and HDR rapid-fire talks. All conference delegates were invited to a Conference Dinner. The 2023 Conference Program (Only for QUT people: Watch and download photos from the event here!)

Keynote Speakers

Prof Lim Chwee Teck | National University of Singapore Biomedical Engineering

Professor Lim is the inaugural NUSS chair Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering & Founding Principal Investigator at the Mechanobiology Institute. He is also the Director of the Institute for Health Innovation & Technology (iHealthtech) & Founding Director of the Singapore Health Technologies Consortium. Prof Lim’s research interests are interdisciplinary & include human disease mechanobiology, microfluidic biomedical technologies for human disease diagnosis & precision medicine & soft wearable technologies for healthcare applications. He has authored over 400 peer–reviewed journal papers & delivered more than 390 plenary/keynote/invited talks.

A/Professor Arnold Lining Ju | The University of Sydney, Biomedical Engineering

Associate Professor Arnold Ju received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, USA. In 2014, he joined the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Monash University, Melbourne as a junior postdoc; and relocated in 2015 to Sydney, to join the Heart Research Institute. In early 2020, Dr Ju joined the University of Sydney (USYD)’s new BME school as a senior lecturer and started up the Mechanobiology and Biomechanics Laboratory (MBL). By linking the mechanical forces behind blood flow and their effects on haematological proteins and blood clotting cells, Dr Ju has established a new field called ‘mechanobiology’. His work finds better solutions to help diagnose, treat, and control blood clotting

Commercialisation and Translation Panelists










Prof Chwee Teck Lim, Director, Institute of Health Innovation & Technology (iHealthTech), National University of Singapore | Dr Naomi Paxton, QUT Centre for Biomedical Technologies, Moderator | Andrew Bowskill, Director of Stakeholder Engagement QLD MTPConnect | Liz Gillies, CEO Menzies Foundation | Dr Erin Rayment, Executive Director QUT Industry Engagement

Scientific Session 1: Biomechanics & Computational Engineering

Prof YuanTong Gu, QUT Centre for Biomedical Technologies & QUT ARC Training Centre for Joint Biomechanics | A/Prof Paige Little, QUT Centre for Biomedical Technologies & QUT ARC Training Centre in Multiscale 3D Imaging, Modelling and Manufacturing Innovation | Prof Peter Pivonka, QUT Centre for Biomedical Technologies & QUT ARC Training Centre for Joint Biomechanics | Dr Natalie Collins, Guest Speaker, The University of Queensland, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Scientific Session 2: Tissue Engineering

Prof James Hudson, Guest Speaker, QIMR Berghofer Cardiac Bioengineering Laboratory & Dynomics Inc | A/Prof Laura Bray, QUT Centre for Biomedical Technologies & ARC Training Centre for Cell & Tissue Engineering Technologies | Dr Jiao Jiao Li, Guest Speaker, University of Technology Sydney, School of Biomedical Engineering & ARC Training Centre for Innovative BioEngineering | A/Prof Tony Parker, QUT Centre for Biomedical Technologies; QUT Tissue Repair & Translational Physiology; Surgical BioFix Ltd

Scientific Session 3: Robotics & Manufacturing

Dr Marie-Luise Wille, QUT Centre for Biomedical Technologies & ARC Training Centre for Multiscale 3D Imaging, Modelling & Manufacturing Innovation | A/Prof Devakar Epari, QUT Centre for Biomedical Technologies | A/Prof Paul Dalton, Guest Speaker, University of Oregon | Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Early Career Researchers (ECR) Presentations

Dr Sinduja Suresh on Assessment of accuracy reliability, sensitivity & specificity of a semi-automated digital scoliometer | Dr Laith Alzubaidi on Towards Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence: Significance and Requirements | Dr Ryan Huang on Development and application of a high-fidelity fluid-structure interaction solver for simulating cardiovascular diseases | Dr Silvia Cometta on Bioengineering in vitro Biofilm Models | Dr Dermot O’Rourke on Failure of inlay and onlay humeral components in reverse shoulder arthroplasty: A mCT analysis

PhD Presentations

Natali Uribe Acosta on Bone shape, density distribution, and microstructural organization in adult people | Laura Milton on 3D-printed well-insert microfluidic device for the generation of multiple local hydrogel niches in traditional well-plates | Dilpreet Singh on Developing a low-cost smart face model with pressure sensing capabilities for assessment of facial pressure distribution | Hoai My Tran on Fundamental differences in hematoma properties between small defect and large defect |Rachel Chalmers on Optimising print parameters of low-cost filament for the application of 3D-printing spinal orthoses |Brenna L Devlin on A MEW toolbox for automated g-code generation & toolpath correction of flat & tubular constructs

Rapid Fire Research Student Presentations

Hiba Al Lawati on Identification and characterization of genes associated with liver fibrosis in 2D and 3D cultures | Shuya Tian on Bridging the Gap: ISO 14155 as a Vital Link from Lab to Reality for Researchers | Hoang Son Pham on Application of in vitro 3D models to study the effect of a FAST-Forward radiotherapy trial on breast cancer | Lucy-May Young on A compartmentalised microfluidic device for screening dynamic immune responses of the respiratory Airways | Minne Dekker on Tissue-specific ECMs for patient-derived osteosarcoma organoid culture and personalised medicine | Komal Chhikara on Comparative assessment of commercially available scanners for foot orthosis design | Shahak Kuba on Mathematical model for tissue growth in complex geometries |Shital Wakale on Comparative analysis of the therapeutic potential of Extracellular Vesicles from aged and young bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in osteoarthritis pathogenesis | Francois Bruyer-Monteleone on Shoulder morphologic variation: statistical shape and pose estimates | Sheikh Adilina on Including temporal information in the longitudinal analysis of brain MR images using Deep Learning

Poster Presentation: Scientific posters by emerging CBT researchers

Conference Awards

Best Poster – Renee Nightingale (not in photo – received by Dilpreet Singh) | Best Oral Presentation – Laura Milton | Best HDR Poster – Ronja Finze | Best HDR Rapid Fire Presentations – Lucy Young | People Choice HDR Poster – Haveena Anbananthan People’s Choice Poster – Dr Sugandha Bhatia (not in photo – received by Jacqui McGovern) | People Choice HDR Rapid Fire Presentation – Sheikh Adilina  | People’s Choice Oral Presentation – Rachel Chalmers | Handing out the awards: Prof Yi-Chin Toh, Centre Director. Big thank you to Menzies Foundation for supporting young researchers and for raising the profile and importance of ‘outstanding’ leadership by encouraging Australians to reflect on leadership, build they leadership capability and act for the greater good.

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