AI Driven Biomechanics and Medical Imaging

Next generation predictive algorithms for augmenting human motion and implant performances

We aim to develop next-generation algorithms that are built on AI and medical imaging technologies to predict and improve how implants and surgical tools perform in the human body.

Our research focuses on:

Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
Modelling of bones and joints under motion or repair to provide deeper insights into musculoskeletal conditions and human movement

Cardiovascular Biomechanics
Modelling and predictive blood flow interruptions and restoration with cardiovascular implants

Medical imaging
Enhancing functional brain imaging techniques to improve the effectiveness of surgical resections.

Our people

We aim to deliver better health in our lifetime, by improving how we treat complex medical cases stemming from injuries, infection and age-related issues.

Researcher impact

Cardiovascular innovations to reduce deaths linked to strokes and heart attacks. Find out more.

Researcher showcase

60 seconds with Dr Asha Mathew:

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