Congratulations to the awardees of internal grants

The Centre for Biomedical Technologies have announced the awardees of our internal funding grants 2022. 

In the two categories, we are very happy to award the following researchers and their important projects:


The Early Career/Mid-Career Researcher Grant


Sponsor/Project Team

Project Title

Dr Mina Mohseni Prof Dietmar Hutmacher Establishment of guidelines toward the standardization of mechanical tests for breast scaffolds: Design and manufacturing of mechanical tests set-up which mimic in vivo loading conditions of degrading breast scaffolds under different levels of patients’ activities
Dr Antonia RuJia Sun Dr Indira Prasadam Membrane-cloaked nanoparticles targeting joint inflammation for site-specific delivery of osteoarthritis therapeutics
Dr Sinduja Suresh A.Prof Paige Little Can a virtual digital scoliometer screen for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis using 3D surface scanning data? – A study of sensitivity and specificity.
Dr Jiaqiu Wang
(Co-funded with MMPE)
Prof Zhiyong Li Advanced optical coherence tomography-based elastography (OCE) algorithm designed for strain field mapping of soft tissue
A/Prof Leila Cuttle A.Prof Tony Kenna Characterising the immune cell and cytokine profile of child burn patients to identify markers of poor healing outcome.
Dr Joshua Neil Arthur Dr Soniya D. Yambem Selective multi-ion organic transistor sensors for analysis of biofluids
Dr Phani Kumari Paritala Prof Zhiyong Li Nruptured intracranial aneurysm vessel wall analysis based on hemodynamic simulations and intraoperative images
Dr Amar Velic Prof Prasad Yarlagadda, Dr Neha S. Gandhi Large-Scale Computational Simulation of Nanopattern Interaction with Model Bacterial Membranes

On the committee: Prof Travis Klein, Prof Prasad Yarlagadda, A.Prof Paige Little and Dr Indira Prasadam.


The Industry Engagement Grant


Project Team

Project Title

A.Professor Davide Fontanarosa Dr Chris Edwards, Dr Jessica Benitez Mendieta Novel wearable 3D ultrasound imaging system
Dr Indira Prasadam A.Prof Joy Wolfram, Dr Antonia Rujia Sun Bio-Engineered Extracellular Vesicle (EVs)-Based Therapeutics in Osteoarthritis (OA)
Dr Beat Schmutz Prof Michael Schuetz, Prof Uwe Dulleck, Dr Stephen Whyte, Dr William Steadman Attending:
Philip Andrews, CEO, Liquid State
Digital-powered healthcare: Improving communication, engagement and treatment compliance in patients with implant-related infections
Dr Sinduja Suresh Dr Marie-Luise Wille, A.Prof Paige Little, Melissa Johnston, Anthony Morris Transforming an implant component from conventional to additive manufacturing
Dr Andrew Lamont Fielding A.Prof Jamie Trapp, Dr Marie-Luise Wille, Dr Sinduja Suresh Additive Manufacturing of 3D full scale patient skull models for End-to-End verification of stereotactic radiosurgery treatments

On the committee: Prof Zhiyong Li, A.Prof Yi-Chin Toh, Prof Travis Klein and Dr Bayode Ero-Pholips.


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