Work-related safety

Given the vast amount of time people spend working, safety at work is an important component of everyone’s lives. Work-related fatalities and injuries have significant impacts on individuals, their families and friends, and the broader society.

Currently, the most critical challenges to both safety and productivity are new and future technologies and the skills needed to harness them. The increasing use of smart management systems and cross-cutting technologies is transforming workplaces, with more pressure being placed on a workforce already facing constraints associated with tight schedules, budgets, productivity and safety requirements. These pressures inevitably lead to a reliance on the skill of individual workers to adapt to and work with ongoing technological shifts.

CARRS-Q undertakes research working collaboratively with industry across multiple areas in the work safety domain. Our main focus is on transport-related work safety, including driving both light and heavy vehicles for work, roadside worker safety, and public transport and rideshare.  Other research occurs in construction safety, and regulation of work health and safety. Our work-related safety research projects work collaboratively with industry partners to advance knowledge that capitalises on leading-edge technologies to improve occupational health and safety.






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