Dr Sherrie-Anne Kaye

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Senior Research Fellow (Advanced Technologies)

PhD (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Sherrie-Anne Kaye (BBehavSc(Hons), PhD) is a Senior Research Fellow at CARRS-Q. Sherrie has worked in road safety research since 2010 and is particularly interested in examining users' acceptance of advanced vehicle technologies. She has extensive experience designing and undertaking both qualitative and quantitative research and has worked on various projects involving young drivers, road safety advertising, speeding behaviour, and cognitive functioning. Her PhD research applied neurological and cognitive measures to examine the extent to which individual differences in reward and punishment sensitivities influenced young drivers processing and acceptance of speeding-related road safety messages.

Research Interests:

  • Technology acceptance
  • Automated vehicles
  • Young drivers
  • Speeding behaviour
  • Hand-held mobile phone use
  • Road safety advertising
  • Individual differences (reward and punishment sensitivities, sensation seeking, and impulsivity)


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