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Senior Research Fellow (Advanced Technologies)

PhD (Queensland University of Technology), MAEng (Electronics), BEng (Electronics)

Sébastien Demmel first joined QUT and CARRS-Q in March 2008 for an internship while completing his Masters of Engineering at the University of Versailles (UVSQ), France. After graduating from UVSQ in October 2008, he came back to Australia to start his PhD research at CARRS-Q in March 2009. His thesis “Building an Augmented Map for Road Risk Assessment” was a joint project between QUT and UVSQ, funded by the AutoCRC. The project involved field work in France within the facilities of IFSTTAR in Versailles. He graduated from his PhD at QUT in early 2013, following a double thesis defence in Brisbane (September 2012) and Paris (December 2012). Ever since, he has been employed at CARRS-Q working on a variety of projects with Prof. Rakotonirainy and Prof. Glaser.

In 2016 he became the manager of CARRS-Q’s Advanced Driving Simulator, for which he also serves as the main engineer. After a training at Vedecom Tech in Versailles in early 2019, he became one of the few expert drivers for Zoé2, the only L4-capable self-driving standard passenger car in Australia, as well as a major engineer and software developer for its operations. Since then he has been an integral member of Queensland’s leading AV research team.

Research interests
Sébastien has been involved in Road Safety since 2007. His current main interests are:

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