Sarah Suvidha Mallela

PhD Scholar

BTech (Civil Engineering) – Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology affiliated to JNTU Hyderabad, MTech (Transportation Engineering) – JNTU Hyderabad, India

Sarah’s proficiency in transportation planning and traffic engineering enabling her Masters study entitled ‘Development of a car–following model for Indian Traffic Conditions’ at Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), New Delhiat, a top government university. Since then, her focus turned to transportation planning and traffic engineering.

Whilst at CRRI, Sarah completed road safety audit training, software courses and attended conferences to develop her skill to analyse traffic data. She completed her Masters securing 9.5 CGPA which was recognised as an exceptionally high score.

Sarah was also a contributor to ‘TRAK – Telangana Rahadari Abhivrudhi Karyakramam’, a government funded pilot study for the state of Telangana to develop traffic corridors across the State. She handled large amounts of traffic count data, origin-destination data and speed-delay data for approximately 7,500 kilometers in 150 locations. She conducted speed-delay analyses, origin-destination analyses and identified the traffic growth rate using past data and demand forecasts for 2041. This pilot study was recognized as a crucial study for the state of Telangana, a newly formed state in India.


“e-scooter travel demand and safety: Applications of advanced econometric models”


Dr Shamsunnahar Yasmin and Associate Professor Shimul Haque (School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, QUT Science & Engineering Faculty)


  • Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning
  • Emerging Technologies for Future Mobility Systems
  • Travel Demand Modelling
  • Crash and Safety
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Advanced Statistical and Econometric Modeling
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Technological Applications of Traffic Engineering.


2019: Australian Government Postgraduate Research Training Program – International


Deputy Engineer (Traffic and Transportation), LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd