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Research Associate

Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology)

  • PhD in Mathematical Sciences,  2009-2012, Science and Engineering Faculty-School of Mathematical Sciences-QUT  Brisbane – Australia
    • Title:Scheduling Techniques to Optimize Rail Operations.
    • Research Areas: Mathematical modelling, Statistical Analysis, Commodities Movement Optimization and Forecasting, Supply Chain Optimization, Metaheuristic, Hybrid Metaheuristic, Constraint Programming, Scheduling, Freight Transport Systems, and Traffic Control.
    • Outcomes:Mathematical , Statistical and Data Models, Innovative Solution Algorithms and Methods
    • Thesis was nominated for the University Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award.
  •   M.Phil. in Applied Mathematics – Operations Research and Decision Support Systems, Cairo University (CU),  Cairo – Egypt,  2001-2000.
    • Title: An intelligent Fast Flexible Sequencing for Single Machine.
    • Research Areas: Artificial Neural Network, Mathematics and Optimization.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Mathematics-Operations Research, Cairo University, Cairo – Egypt,   1998-2000.
    • Research Areas: Mathematics and Mathematical Programming, Statistical approaches, Data Analysis, Algorithms and Optimization.
  • B.SC. in Mathematics and Computers,Cairo University ,  Cairo – Egypt, 1994-1998


Additional information

  • Research Associate of Operations Research, Supply Chain and Optimization –Full  Time , Mathematical Sciences School, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology  Brisbane – Australia,October 2017 – May 2018
  • Research Associate of Operations Research and Optimization –Full Time, Mathematical Sciences School, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland    University of Technology    Australia-Brisbane, October 2014 -November 2016
  • Research Associate of Operations Research and Decision Support Systems –Full Time May 2013 – September 2014Institute of Research and Statistical Studies – Cairo University Cairo – Egypt
  • Research Associate of Operations Research and Decision Support Systems – part time , Mathematical Sciences School, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology    Brisbane – Australia,          April 2012 – February 2013
  • Research Assistant of Optimization and Decision Sciences –Full Time, Mathematical Sciences School, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology    Brisbane – Australia,Brisbane – Australia    Oct. 2008 March 2012

Summary of Work Experience:

  • An extensive experience in teaching many statistical, mathematical and computer science courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students such as  Probability and Stochastic Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, Computer programming,  Optimization Modelling, Advanced Optimization Modelling, Supply Chain Modelling and Design, Scheduling, Statistical Modelling and Analysis, Operations Research, Computers science, Dynamic Programming and Mathematics in several Universities such as QUT and RMIT in Australia, and CU in Egypt.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop goals, objectives and implement strategies through lesson planning and teaching experience. Also, I am connected directly with areas such as student leadership development and student partnership; industry engagement, professional development, WIL support; Curriculum planning and resource development; Student retention and success analytics.
  • Professional Membership of Higher Education Academy, UK, as FHEA.
  • High proficiency in Data Collection, Statistical Analysis, Forecasting Models, Economics Models and Big Data Analysis  for health systems, agriculture systems and logistics using, SPSS, R,  SQL Server and MySQL.  analysing, rostering, modelling including Mathematical Programming, Constraint Programming, Scheduling, Supply Chain Optimization, Metaheuristic, Hybrid Metaheuristic. Additionally, MapInfo and GISMap software application have been used in investigating and manipulation of real-time data for reporting purposes.
  • An extensive experience as a Research Associate in many industrial projects as a part of an effective teamwork at School of the Mathematical Sciences and Centre for Tropical Crops and Bio-commodities (CTCB), QUT, Brisbane. This team constructed industrial linkages with big industrial organisations such as EY and MLA (beef supply chain projects), owners of the Australian Miles (Biomass and Bioenergy assessment – sugarcane projects) and Brisbane Royal Hospital (health system project).
  • A wide range of experience in academic research and industrial projects with More than 22 refereed journal and conference papers, and industrial reports.
  • Solid background in big data customization of transport systems and supply chain using SQL Server, MySQL, MapInfo,  ArcGIS software, To-TOOLS and ACTSS.
  • Developed two innovative optimization software for rail transport systems (GEMSS) and rail scheduler interface (RSI) including statistical and economics analysis.
  • Supervision of a PhD student in Science and Engineering Faculty- QUT and Supervision of up to 40 postgraduate and undergraduates in Graduation projects.