Adjunct Professor Divera Twisk

Adjunct Professor

PhD (Maastricht University), MA Experimental Psychology (University of Groningen), BSocSci(Hons) (Keele University, UK)

Divera is a human factors psychologist, with a PhD in adolescent risk taking. She has over 30 years’ experience in road safety research and policy development. She has made significant contributions across a wide range of road safety issues in The Netherlands and globally, including:

  • Cycling safety: she has led studies on the safety of electric bicycles, developed one of the world’s instrumented bicycles in cooperation with Delft University, initiated the International Cycling Safety Conference (ICSC), and guest edited the first special issue on cycling safety of Accident Analysis & Prevention;
  • Young drivers: she has chaired the OECD working group on this topic and was responsible for the OECD report ‘Young drivers; the road to safety’;
  • Safe System approaches: she contributed to the conceptual development and theoretical underpinning of Sustainable Safety;
  • International research: in The Netherlands she has directly contributed to the introduction of design guidelines for the cycling infrastructure, a GDL-type of licensing for young novice drivers (2toDrive), the training of road safety professionals, and to the National Research Agenda on Safe Cycling.